The ACL Academy: The Recovery Guide for your ACL Journey

We help ACLers reclaim their livelihood after injury.

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Own your recovery with an ACL expert in your corner

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Clear goals and milestones for your unique path

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The exact Roadmap to your “Don’t call it a comeback” story

We understand your frustrations...

A comprehensive coaching experience to help you become physically and mentally stronger then before your injury:

Get your FREE FAQ guide to help jump start your ACL journey

Over 50 of the most common questions ACLers ask, with detailed explanations and answers to give you confidence about the journey ahead!


"I found the ACL Academy on instagram and reached out for a phone call. After about 2 min on the phone, I knew i'd be signing up...just as I wanted the best surgeon, I wanted the best PT. I learned way more from Kaan in about 10 minutes than I had from 2 surgeons and tons of online articles....I don't know how I'd be where I am without having Kaan's help, encouragement, knowledge and advice for the months after surgery. I don't think I would trust anyone else to help me with my recovery"

Tracy IG handle:
Priceless and incredible experience with the ACL Academy.When my insurance cut me off and said I was fine, I knew I still needed help. I couldn't squat, I could barely do a calf raise, and more of all I couldn't run. I wanted all the things back that I sued to have. The ACL Academy helped me with all of that and more. Mentally and physically I can say I was supported and given all the tools I needed to getme back again. I set a new all time PR for running 3 miles and have better muscle tone then ever! From the bottom of my heart I am thankful and would 100% recommend to anyone.
Larina - IG handle:
I found the ACL Academy on instagram, and after reaching out for a phone conversation, I was confident they can help me get to the strength and running finish line. I was so happy with the program, support and accountability Kaan provided. Their dedication to my recovery was amazing, I truly felt supported. Today my strength levels are fantastic, and Im happy to say Im back to ramping up my running program. There was a time I thought I would never get back to what I love but with the help of the ACL Academy and my hard work Im positive I will continue to lead an active life that I love.
Karen - IG handle:

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